When I decided to join this Hackathon, I wanted to build something which will be unique. Since Mobile payment applications are common. I decided to work on a web payment system.

What it does

This is a Payment Platform that supports Creating a Wallet, Wallet transfer, Funding of wallet by the customer, accessing transactions, payments of the customer, accessing wallet and customer details. This application uses Rapyd payment APIs to handle the payments of the user.

How we built it

The application is built on the reactjs UI library. I have tried to use some of the Rapyd APIS s which fit in the application's use case. The backend for this application is built on Node.js Initially, I decided on the functionalities of the application, and started to build tables and write APIs. Initially, I spent more time figuring out different services of RAPY. The source code is deployed on Github and the application is hosted on Heroku.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that I have completed the application which I have planned.

What we learned

The application uses stuff like updating both wallets after the transfer, figuring out if the amount is credited or debited, and then rendering the color accordingly. This also uses react-context for the global state to identify whose information is required. (like payments of a particular customer or transactions of a particular wallet) and I learned a lot of innovative techniques while building this project.

What's next for RapydPay - The Web Payment System

My plan includes adding more payment methods like the Rapyd Collect, Payout, Issuing Card, and exploring more about Rapyd API's to improve this project.

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