We all love rewards in exchange for doing a task. For instance in a game app when your character dies, you see an ad and your character gets new life, you have an incentive to watch the ad. We decided to leverage this behaviour to recover abandoned carts by leveraging personalised rewards for the customers.

What it does

RapydGenie is a POC of an Ad network that tracks what incentivizes users & leverages that information to recover abandoned carts. It operates in a way that incentivises customers, merchant, ad publisher and us. RapydGenie offers following features:

  • Cart recovery for merchants
  • One-click benefits for customers
  • Monetization for publishers

How we built it

We leveraged the powerful Rapyd's embedded checkout toolkit for frictionless in-ad checkout experience and our API's, frontend apps were built using javascript, nodejs & react.

Challenges we ran into

  • Tracking users across multiple domain was tricky to handle.
  • Figuring out an application & server architecture that is cost efficient at scale.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We ended up building a no code tool for publishers monetization.
  • RapydGenie can empower millions of small and medium enterprises to compete neck to neck against amazon & walmart's of the world.

What we learned

  • We were impressed by Rapyd's embedded checkout toolkit's endless potential to be used in numerous touchpoints such as in digital ads, embedded devices and more.
  • Explaining complicated concepts of ad-network, retargeting, tracking in a short video was tricky but was thrilling experience.

What's next for RapydGenie

  • We hope to refine the product into a mature MVP.
  • We hope to be integrated into Rapyd's network & capabilities to empower small & medium business owners globally.

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