RapydFreelancer is platform that connect Freelancer and Recruiters, is a Super App Marketplace that leverages on Rapyd API

What it does

  1. Recruiters post jobs
  2. Freelancer bid for jobs
  3. Freelancers buy connects using wallet balance or card payment
  4. Recruiters pay for jobs using escrow
  5. Payment is released to freelancer

How we built it

Using Next.js for the frontend and Next.js API Route and Mongodb for the database and Backend, Cloudinary host Uploaded and Firebase helps with user authentication

Challenges we ran into

Using Rapyd toolkit, I opted for Raypd Hosted pages

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Wallet to wallet transfer
  2. Escrow holding and payment
  3. Hosted Page payment
  4. Wallet creation

What we learned

  1. The use of Raypd API
  2. Cloudinary Upload

What's next for RapydFreelancer

  1. Implementing chat feature using firebase realtime database
  2. leveraging on Rapyd toolkit integeration

Built With

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