In India there are 220 million telegram downloads that accounts around 22% of telegram downloads. It is a huge market, and telegram stores are frequently in use. This inspired us to build a telegram checkout method that integrates rapyd payment api to provide best checkout experience in galaxy.

What it does

It has a store that contains some product. We like to call the store as Daily Belly, of course funny because it has burgers, fries and drinks. You can check the menu using /menu command and add products to your basket and the set shipping details and payment details using integrated telegram webapp, On doing these you can issue a /checkout command which asks for the payment method, take details from the database and gives a replymarkup button of proceed to pay. Also since some payment methods needs an external redirect telegram webapp inline buttons are used to facilitate integration, which makes checkout experience seamless, simple and elegant for best checkout experience.

How we built it

We used golang programming language, telegram bot api, rapyd checkout tool and html, css to build and integrate the application.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into several challenges while building the app. some of them are

  1. Figuring out the telegram bot api for golang

  2. Understanding the rapyd checkout toolkit in depth

  3. Integrating the webapp with telegram

  4. Rapyd payment using sandbox and how it might be done in real scenario outside sandbox

  5. Since We used golang figuring out the signature headers and signing request was also a bit challenging

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of several accomplishments. Some of them are

  1. We got a good grip on rapyd checkout toolkit

  2. We are proud to integrate telegram webapp with telegram bot

  3. We are proud of learning the entire payment flow of rapyd

  4. We are proud of figuring out the signing of request before posting it.

What we learned

I learnt about

  1. rapyd checkout toolkit

  2. Telegram bot api

  3. Fintech payment app

  4. Checkout experience


Make sure you update your telegram, because only latest version of telegram supports inline webapps.

What's next for Rapyd Pay Telbot

We are planning to add subscriptions using rapyd to rapyd-pay-telbot and maybe if possible make it as general as possible such that anyone with little bit of programming knowledge can set up there own telegram store with rapyd payment method.

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