Rapyd Pay ⚡️

🏎 Formula 0001: Rapyd Fintech Grand Prix 🏆

A simple to use e-wallet app with multiple currency.


Demo Video

Demo Video


Onboarding 🤳

Create your account on your mobile. Everything online, super fast. Just upload a copy of your ID and you're good to go.

Add fund to your wallet 💸

You can top up your wallet with either a bank transfer or a card payment. Quick and secure.

Send / receive money 💬

You can send / receive money to your friends & family as easy as sending a chat message.

  • Family Do you want to give pocket money to your children? No problem.
  • Business Payout your employees with Rapyd? No problem.
  • Just create a recurring payment and let the magic happen. (feature is under development)

Pay Online 👩‍💻

Instead of giving your credit card details away, you can pay fast & secure with the Rapyd Pay app.

Online shops can integrate the checkout easily with 2 lines of codes:

<script src="./rapyd.js" defer></script>
RapydPay.createCheckout("ewallet_xx", "mechant_id", 1498.0, "USD", "complete_url", "failed_url", "merchant_logo", [ {'name': '12.9-inch iPad Pro','amount': 1099.0,'quantity': 1, 'image': 'image_url'},{'name': 'Apple Watch Space Gray Aluminum Case with Sport Loop','amount': 399.0,'quantity': 1, 'image': 'image_url'}]);

Pay In store 🛒

Merchants can easily create a payment. No need to have any expensive card terminal, just a phone or a tablet. Type the amount, and show the QR code. Customer can scan it and pay it quickly through the app.

Forward payment ➡️

You can forward the payment with just one click. Send it to your daddy or to your boss. They'll pay it 😎

  • Family Your children can make purchases by themself but you still have the control over the payment.
  • Business Don't want to give your company credit card details to all your employees? Don't have the time to make all the orders? No problem. Let them make the order but forward the payment directly to you. You've the full overview and control over all the payments.

Digital receipt 🧾

All your purchases are stored in the app digitally. No paper waste 🌱

Is your headphone broken what you've bought 8 months ago? No worries. You can always find the receipt if you need it later for warranty.

Insights 💡

Based on the items you've purchased, the app suggests additional services to you:

  • Travel insurance
  • Extended warranty
  • Cross-merchant marketing campaign based on the product information: e.g. the customer buys Coca Cola product in the supermarket, in the bar and later in the restaurant - the app can detect all the Coca Cola products purchased in different stores/locations and can offer e.g. a coupon for a free Cola after every 5 purchases made

Business Model 🤑

There are several possibilty to make revenue.

  • wallet top-up: small fee for instant payment done with card
  • possible small fee for send / receive money transactions
  • monthly subscription for Family / Business account with extra features:
    • scheduled transfers
    • recurring transfers
    • overview of all the connected accounts
  • additional services offered based on the purchased products
    • marketplace for (travel) insurances
    • digital loyalty programs for brands (cross-store purchases)
    • analytics based on purchase informations

Technical description 🤓

App 📱

There is an iOS app developed with Swift and SwiftUI.

Following Rapyd APIs are integrated:

Source code

Backend 💻

A lightweigth middleware was developed with TypeScript and node js, deployed to firebase. It's used only to not to expose the Rapyd Credentials (secret key). Most probably I could've used the Mobile SDK directly without the backend, but at the time I've started with the project, there was no Rapyd Mobile SDK compatible with latest Xcode version.

Source code

Demo shop 🏬

A demo implementation of online purchase was developed with a simple shop. It can be also used as a virtual terminal for creating in-store payments.


Virtual terminal

Test payments

Balance of example shop

Example checkout

ToDos 📝

  • implement onboarding verification
  • add a new payment_method for the Rapyd Pay e-wallet payment. Currently us_multiplestoresother_cash is used, but it supports only USD currency.
  • instead of using a custom created checkout page, integrate Rapyd Pay payment method to the existing Rapyd checkout page
  • use machine learning to provide insights based on the receipt product items (e.g. travel insurance, extended warranty, ..)
  • I've created only one account, so in the sandbox mode there is always this merchant_id used instead of creating multiple merchant accounts as it would be in the real world
  • implement recurring payment sending
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