One day Betsy asked why cant Google Forms also help businesses accept and manage payments. Ryan a payments expert talked for 30 minutes about security, PCI, and the products limitations. But then.... after a second look at open extensibility of Google applications he realized something! If we combine it with with the power of Rapyd Checkout... Why cant it...?

What it does

Rapyd G-Force builds on top of Google Forms and Google Sheets to provide easy to setup, no-code payment automation, creating three different experiences:

  • Integrated Checkout
  • Subscription Payments
  • Automated Spreadsheet Invoicing

How we built it

We leveraged a combination of the Rapyd Collect API's, Google Apps Script, PHP, and a custom hosted checkout page to stitch together a seamless customer experience.

Challenges we ran into

  • Rapyd API's require fairly complex encryption that has to be recreated in Google Apps Script.
  • The Google Sheet Invoicing concept was brand new and required a new set of tools. We learned custom sheet functions re-load each time the sheet opens, causing us to implement new caching and local document storage to avoid creating duplicate checkouts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building users tools rather than products empowers others to take what we've built and use them in endless new and creative ways.
  • We have written 1000's of lines of code so others don't have to.

What we learned

  • Just how many different checkout options Rapyd supports around the world.
  • Making a short video is hard when you have so much to share. : )

What's next for Rapyd G-Force

  • We hope to include the Rapyd capabilities in a future release of our Payable Forms Add-On, making these capabilities readily available to anyone.
  • We hope to build upon our idea of Rapyd spreadsheet invoicing and incorporate it into future Payable products
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