Idea / Goals

The Idea is to create a :

  1. Centralized/common checkout experience.
  2. Create a product payment link in minutes.
  3. Affiliate marketing support.

What it does

  1. Rapyd-Flex is a desktop and mobile friendly web-app. It also support a custom chrome extension.
    Customer :
  2. A user/customer can click on a Rapyd-Flex shop link or scan the QR code of the same and the product will get immediately added to the Rapyd-Flex centralized cart.
  3. the customer can then proceed with payment using rapyd-checkout toolkit.
    Seller :
  4. A Seller can create a product link within a minute.
  5. Seller can easily share the link for affiliate marketing with a predefined profit sharing %.

How To Use

  1. Create a Product link from shop menu, share the link.
  2. Customer clicks the link, pay for the products in the cart using Rapyd-checkout-toolkit

Example product links u can try clicking:
Product only link
productLink + Affiliate link

Scan QR code to add product to cart:

Tech Stack

Front End:
Angular - webapp , Chrome Extension

Back End:
Node.JS , MongoDB , Rapyd Toolkit

What's next for Rapyd Flex

  1. Seller dashboard to monitor products, sales, etc..
  2. Native App Support
  3. Shipping address support
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