Applications like Whatsapp, Instagram or any chat application does not have an easy way to integrate Payments into it. Each app forces merchants to use its own payment method for their market places.

What if sending checkout links for consumers were as easy as sending an emoji? What if the merchant is allowed to bring their own Payments like Rapyd into the social media apps? What if we can use one integration for all applications?

What it does

Rapyd Conversations lets a merchant make the sale while talking to the customer without switching apps in order to process payments.

Rapyd Whatsapp: Enhances the Whatsapp experience for the merchant by adding a "Send Rapyd Checkout" Button next to every cart that they receive right inside their Whatsapp Chat.

Rapyd Keyboard Extension: This enhances the existing keyboard in iOS and Android by adding Rapyd Checkout capabilities. With this extension, one could use it inside social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram, Gmail etc.

How we built it

The browser extension was built based on Google's new Chrome Extension Manifest v2. We also used other open source projects that attempt to understand how the Whatsapp Web Client works on the browser.

We learnt how keyboard extensions work in iOS and Android. We built it in such a way that the checkout links can be created even without the internet. The Rapyd Cart Page is created on the fly when the consumer tries to access the link and get's redirected to it.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out the data model for Whatsapp Web was pretty difficult. Getting the order details on the client side was also a bit of a challenge.

We had to procure an iOS device to record the video, because we could not install Gmail, Instagram on the simulator.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Both the Browser Extension and Keyboard Extension are one of a kind. No other Checkout Company like Stripe, PayPal, Bolt etc. have this feature.

What we learned

Understood Rapyd Checkout and it's APIs. Sharing information between the App and the Keyboard Extension. Understanding Whatsapp Data Models.

What's next for Rapyd Conversations

We intend to publish the Chrome Extension to the Chrome App Store. We would also like to go live with the Keyboard Extension

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