RapidCare helps citizen quickly get updated and coordinate efforts during emergencies and disasters, keeping them mobile for evacuations and rescues.

Activate RapidCare from a menu in Facebook Messenger or by opening an invitation in a shared message. You will immediately get an interface inside Messenger showing a real-time annotated map of the current situation, including color coded hot spots of concern. Focused situational snapshots can be shared with friends and connections on Messenger, spreading insights to coordinate the efforts or evacuation.

RapidCare is built on top of Arity's Safe Alert API and implemented as an extension to Facebook Messenger, providing an intuitive and accessible interface to share key information about an ongoing emergency situation. It makes sense for such disaster recovery tools to piggyback on information infrastructure used everyday, including realtime accident data as collected by Arity and widely used social media like Facebook Messenger. That way, when disaster strikes, the system is ready to go.

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