Perfect enterprise mobile application fusion of dynamic and secure. Rapid's drag and drop HTML5 application builder brings the dynamic, XenMobile brings the secure.

Rapid was commissioned as an Open Source project by the London Borough of Camden to empower both their mobile workforce and their in-house IT staff. They wanted their own people to be able to make web and mobile applications easily, and evolve those apps as quickly as their needs developed. Enter Rapid, a web-based drag and drop application builder that anyone can use. And Rapid Mobile, an Android client for Rapid applications offering offline support, and integration with the mobile device's camera and gps.

With all that local government sensitive data the only thing missing was bullet-proof security. Wrapping the Rapid Mobile .apk with XenMobile and publishing it to Worx really added the secure network connections to the back office systems. Instant confidence!

Since then this one-person startup has been furiously busy and we've been taken on by two further London Boroughs. By supporting the agile and open software model, Rapid is proving highly disruptive. No one else can build the mobile data collection and productivity apps, that local government needs, as fast or as well.

Building apps involves dragging and dropping controls onto pages in the visual Rapid application designer. Behaviour and integration is provided by actions such as database calls, and webservices. User/role security can be retrieved from various sources via adapters, and custom controls and actions can be added too.

Rapid is the tool to support the modern, lean, agile, open approach to software.

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