We started working on this idea with the Google Glass. However, we had to drop the project as the glass was not able to create the environment that we wanted. That and the low resolution of the Glass made it almost impossible to display the information that we required. Our users are medical professionals that practice in a clinical setting treating patients for a wide range of ailments. We are working to provide an interface between the x-ray and CAT scan images 2d and 3d so that the physician can view details in real time while treating the patient. The images would be combined into a transparent overlay that would be viewed over the patient to provide the physician a view of the images in proportion to the patient being treated. Additional overlays would provide medical history, medication information and current treatment plans.

EDIT ** We have completed the first step of our DICOM Image to 3d mesh converter ahead of schedule. Using Unity 3d and this mesh converter we will be able to view real time 3d of high resolution CAT Scan images with normal mapped lighting effects of the inside of the human body. The goal of this is true bi-optic 3d render of a patient overlaying the actual patient as a form of augmented reality for correct perspective.

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