The problem it solves

Food allergies are common conditions which occur due to selective intolerance towards certain ingredients or allergens.

If you are among the nearly 500 million people around the world living with a food allergy, odds are that you think twice about everything you eat. Small skin rashes and throat aches to hospitalization, allergies can have serious consequences. In the US alone, food allergies are responsible for about 30,000 anaphylactic episodes per year. The severe reactions aren’t always triggered just from ingestion, but also from skin contact or inhalation. That can make your allergen incredibly hard to avoid.

Challenges we ran into

As this was our first time building a robust application, linking the front end to the storage to the data was an issue we strove to overcome. Next was preprocessing the image, optimizing the text, and exporting results. However, with combined efforts, we were able to solve these with an arguable efficiency.

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