Rapid - A collaborative money sharing platform.


This project was inspired from seeing a potential issue in our day-to-day lives. We thought it would be amazing if there was an application with the ability to quickly and easily share money among friends, family, teammates, etc. We wanted to go attempt to remove the hassle and headache of having to pay people back or splitting money between groups. Our app helps to streamline this process and documents all transactions for future record-keeping.

What it does

This is app provides a quick streamlined process to collaborative money sharing. Everyone has a story about how they had to pay for an entire project, office supplies, food, etc. Then regretfully saying afterwards that "they'll pay me back soon", or the infamous "yeah they're e-transferring me later". Unfortunately, many do forget, which is why this app revolutionizes the way people share money. Users can create a room with their friends and family in which they, together, pool in money. Then this money become accessible for occasions listed above, or for any other needs. From this pool, members can ask to make a transaction where every other member of the room would have to agree too. The application records the shares of the each member and displays a history of when money has been both deposited and withdrawn for transparency.

How we built it

For this project we decided to dive right into React Native. We decided to collectively make this decision as we wanted to pursue an application that would be running on both Android and iOS devices. This would be the best way to market our application and ensure that the majority of all mobile-users have access to this application.

Challenges we ran into

This was everyone's first time dealing with React Native. Hence came with a lot of stackoverflow. Gladly there is a lot of support for React Native online, so it was not too bad. For the back-end, the server is hosted on Heroku. This time using best practices such as environment variables and such with Firebase was a little bit of a challenge. Designing a schema that would accomplish what we needed without having to create a very deep and complicated structure was also a time consuming task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We can call ourselves "full-stack" developers : ^)

What we learned

A lot of JavaScript.

What's next for Rapid

We all really liked the idea, and will focus on a rewrite later in the future.

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