We are already close friends and often have fun with each other. We also love all kinds of music sometimes freestyle when the mood hits us. We thought that being able to share our inspirations of rhyme live would be a solution that we can not only benefit from but others too.

What it does

Users can choose their opponent to battle wits against. A beat is played and the rap artists commence their rap battle live. Those watching in on the fight can rate the battle and discuss it in the chat.

How I built it

We used sockets ( to set up synchronization and to ensure low-latency live streams. We used Go and Node.js on the backend and a combination of apis on the front end

Challenges I ran into

Since working with live streasms is a a difficult problem, we had trouble with finishing the entire product. Features that we wanted have not been implemented. however, we still made sure to create a solid live rap battle system.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

LIVE STREAMS (its more efficient than twitch and youtube live streams they have a lot more lag than we do)

What I learned

I learned new technologies that i believe have helped me further my understanding of computer science and the industry as a whole

What's next for RapBattle

Series A funding

Built With

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