Have you ever wondered the lyrics of a Rap can be understood and memorized without any effort at all? That's why we came up with Rap God. A simple tool to sum up any topic into a dope Rap!

What it does

It writes factual raps about any topic. Rap God scrapes the information available on Wikipedia to prepare couplets using Natural Language Processing and generates a dope RAP by rhyming the words in a factual manner. Once the Rap is created it can be easily downloaded and can be listened to at anytime. This hack has media, music and educational value. The complete software is wrapped in a neat, small web app with a minimalistic interface.

How we built it

We use Wikipedia API to scrape information about the topic entered by the user. After we get the info we process it into rhymes using NLTK. After this Google text-to-speech is used to convert the rhymes into sound and to put them all together in a beat to create an awesome Rap on any topic! After the backend is completed the Frontend displays the Rap line-by-line in sync with the beat using Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Due to the pandemic it was difficult to exchange information within the team since all of us live far away from each other. There were many trivial bugs to debug, and to pass data from Backend to Frontend was certainly a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating this awesome project in such a small span of time! Learnt a great deal about Python & Javascript integration and many new libraries in Python.

What we learned

We have learned that it better to fix the small details in the last, and work on the main elements first in order to manage the time efficiently. We have some of the cool things in Javascript & NLP. Learnt to use beautifulsoup to scrape the data from Wikipedia.

What's next for Rap God

We are planning to integrate a 'DeepFake model' in order to make the web-app more interactive and fun.

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