We like the idea of fitness. But as we all know, it's hard to convince ourselves to work out on a consistent basis. We wanted an app that was insanely motivational, so we decided to blend two daunting motivators: losing money and having your friends know how lazy you actually are. We figure having financial and social investments will help you reach your fitness goals as you run toward becoming a more active you.

What it does

Enter Ransome, the motivational fitness app that takes your money. (No, really.) Put up some money as a "ransome," and set a fitness goal you have to reach before you can get your money back. Invite your friends, and form groups so you can work on your goal alongside your friends.

Want to start walking a mile a day? Find some friends who do too. Set a goal to walk a mile every day for a week, and get your money back at the end of the week if you meet your goal. Additionally, if you complete your goal, you get to split the ransoms of teammates who didn't meet the goal among those of you who did. If you don't meet your goal, your money is divided up among the friends in your group who met it. (Since they're your friends, you know they're not going to give your money back to you.) Put the work in, and get your ransome out.

Ran some? Get your ransome. You owe it to yourself.

How we built it

What's in our wallets? We're using the CaptialOne API, Nessie, to simulate in-app payments.

We look at your phone's health data to log your fitness activity in the app.

We are also using Ionic 2 and Angular JS 2 to create the app. We're using Typescript, ES6, and JavaScript.

Our backend is using Flask, Python, Postgre SQL, and SQL Alchemy.

Challenges we ran into

We're 3 backend engineers and a graphic designer, and we're not frontend app developers by any means. We stayed consistently challenged at trying to make our app everything we hoped and dreamed it could be.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

...and we're really proud that we've learned so much about how to make apps using Ionic 2.

What we learned

We've learned a lot about Javascript this weekend.

What's next for Ransome: Giving You A Run For Your Money

We'd love to keep moving along to make it more well-designed/skinned, now that the key functionality is in place.

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