Ranky deals with an ugly truth that no one wants talk about. That is that businesses, just like a lot of people, can be shallow; they care about attractiveness.

We work at a startup in Kitchener and we've received requests from real businesses who have all this data on their customers and fans, but no way to segment it by attractiveness. Ranky is a service which solves this problem.

We provide an API that our customers can upload photos to, uploading them to our databases. From there we rank the photos by sending them through a public-facing app.

But how do actually compute the attractiveness of photos we're given? The public-facing app at https://thescale.herokuapp.com/ is just a fun way for people to swipe through and give their opinions on people, but they are at the same time crowdsourcing the the attractiveness information on the photos our customers have sent us.

In the long term we plan to use this platform to change the way businesses segment/understand their users. This can be done with crowdsourcing of things other than attractiveness such as brand awareness or A/B testing of product features.

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