Seeing that Merit Edge was offering a prize for best resume parse and HP's Haven OnDemand software is excellent for text recognition (as well as a number of other things) I though I might as well give the challenge a shot.

What it does

There's two stages to the application (Android). The HOD intensive part that calculates what makes a resume good and what makes a resume bad. And an "on-the-go" side of the application that allows you to quickly and easily scan a resume anywhere with your phone and get instant feed back on the quality of the applicant.

How I built it

A LOT of trail and error with android studios, first time using it for something big and it was definitely a challenge. Also the majority of the application uses a number of HP's Haven OnDemand API's. Allowing the program to determine the school's you've attended, the companies you've interned at, which skills you possess, even how polite your resume etiquette is.

Challenges I ran into

Sleep! A lot of missed sleep, thus leading to a couple stupid time wasting mistakes. All if all Haven OnDemand made my life a lot easily.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This app is awesome! It has so much potential and it came together so nicely. Feel free to see how your resume holds up. (It'll be on google play soon)

What I learned

As always at Hackathons, A LOT. Mostly how to develop in Android, a few more awesome API's include Haven OnDemand.

What's next for Rank My Resume

Hopefully a decent UI, also a search function to query all saved resumes. I plan on polishing it up and posting it to Google Play in the near future.

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