What it does

a more colorful shooter

How I built it

using texture editing and basic shooter and a ps3controller that was emulated as a x-box controller

Challenges I ran into

There were many parts I didn't know and had to reasearch on, wasting a lot of time on things that couldn't actually be implemented. Initially I tried to use the particle system but that failed pretty badly, wasting quite a bit of time. Then had to work with a script to edit textures. The complex one was too slow and didn't work so I had to settle with a faster but much more simplified one.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Got the texture editor to work Threading a little bit

What I learned

Pretty much everything I did was learned during the building of the project. Quite sad the amount of time used up just learning was probably double the amount of time spent actually scripting

What's next for RandomSomething_Submission3

If I want, I could continue working on the project, improving the texture function, making a larger variety of objects as well as variety of projectile types

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