Chainlink Hackathon Barcelona

What it does

User Interface (UI) for CCIP ERC20 tokens transfers across 7 different Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchains. The current architecture works for both Mainnets and Testnets on the following chains: Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Binance, Optimism, and Coinbase. Users can send tokens to their addresses or optionally transfer to a different address, if they so desire, instead of their address. Users can pay transaction fees with one of 3 natively supported tokens either with the General Access Mode in which the UI talks directly to CCIP Router Contracts on their respective chains or for the Early Access Mode which has a whitelisted smart contract that acts as a middleware between the UI and the CCIP Routers!

How we built it

Typescript + NextJS + React + Tailwind + Hardhat + Solidity

Challenges we ran into

The platform was built using Typescript, NextJS, React, and Tailwind. A significant update was made by switching from NextJS V12 to NextJS V13.5.6 and from Blocknative Onboard to Wallet Connect Web3Modal V3, which supports over 350 wallets. A lot of work went into getting the architecture right for both CCIP GA + PB!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

CCIP UI for General Access + Early Access Built a lot of architecture to support 7 blockchains and utility functions to query data between the 7 EVM Chains and 7 Tokens for CCIP which we are slowing aiming to turn it into a multi-token UI and we want it to become the standard CCIP ERC20 Frontend Boilerplate!

What we learned

How CCIP works in both General Access and Early Access, what are our limitations and how we can extend the UI to support Multi-Token CCIP transactions!

What's next for Randomizer Network

Future plans for the Randomizer Network include:

  • adding multi-token capabilities
  • incorporating optional message feature
  • enabling transactions with up to five tokens across any of the seven EVM chains!
  • refactor state to be more globally accessible by specialized components
  • eliminate any device specific errors + memory leaks
  • UI improvements
  • improve speed

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