We wanted to create a random goose facts bot in Twilio, that didn't work. We then switched to Slack, that didn't work. We are now using Telegraph as that works.

What it does

Gets random words from the database, muddles them up and creates random goose facts. (disclaimer, they aren't real)

How we built it

We have a database where we store the different words. We then use Node.JS and the telegraph bot to add all of the words to a string

Challenges we ran into

Had trouble with setting up AWS, Twillio, SlackBot, Crate and many many more. Telegraph bot seems to "just work" which is awesome

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've finally got something working, which has been a massive challenge. None of use knew any Node and only one of us knew any SQL. Now we are all much better in those languages which is the beauty of Hackathons.

What we learned

Node, Twilio (a bit), Slack (a bit), SQL, Crate and many project management stuff.

What's next for RandomGooseFacts

This propaganda machine will eventually take over the world.

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