We were inspired by the uncommon expectancy that is found in the world around us. The environment we are surrounded by can be extremely unpredictable, and that is what makes life interesting at times. The profound ideology of life being unforeseeable at times, created a sense of curiosity in our minds. And for this Hackathon, we decided to fuel this curiosity by crafting different methods of receiving randomly generated data.

What we learned

We learned how to work together in a team environment as programmers, as the bulk of our coding projects in the past have been done individually. Throughout the Hackathon, we had learned about various techniques and skill sets such as the importance and usage of GitHub, as well as the effective utilization of contrasting programming languages. Our understanding of the significance of time-management was strengthened throughout this experience, and some product refinement was lost along the way due to lack of time. This resulted in focusing on the most important aspects of our product first, then shifting gears to the quality of life and less important features of our project.

How you built

We built our website using HTML, CSS, & Javascript. Vamiq Valji focused on the front-end and design via HTML, and CSS. Meanwhile, Zain Piyarali had focused on the Javascript portion of the website; creating the back-end functionality, powering the website.

Challenges you faced

We had faced challenges regarding being able to work together simultaneously as unfortunately we did not use GitHub, though we will be sure to do so next time. In order to combat this, we simply went back and forth on Discord and helped each other out.

  • Vamiq Valji & Zain Piyarali

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