HackRice OwlBot Project

Josie Garza, Alan Ji, Paul Gao, Kangrui Xue

We have created a reddit bot (track 1), named OwlBot, that performs several fun and practical functions:

  • Provides Youtube and Spotify link to music or other videos when asked with keywords: "owlbot play"
  • Provides a weather forecast for any city in the US when asked with keywords: "owlbot, what is the weather like in" followed by the "city, state"
  • Deciphers whether a photo contains an owl when asked with keywords: "owlbot, is this an owl?" followed by a URL link (must be hyperlink: ends in .jpg, .png, etc.)

Reddit Testing Threads

Initial Testing

Final Checks

img (picture edited by Josie Garza)

Built With

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