I was stuck at home, nothing to do. No Netflix account. No friend to "lend" me their's. But I wanted to watch some Brooklyn nine-nine!

What it does

The user clicks a button and from the JSON with all the available episodes a random one is selected. Then using the Youtube iframe API, the video is autoplayed for the user. They can also press a button to start a new one if they get bored.9

How I built it

  1. First I collected together the playlist for each season's cold opens.
  2. Then I used this tool to get an Excel sheet
  3. Then I put all that data into an Airtable and formatted it. Also used APIs and Javascript to get missing data.
  4. Converted that Airtable stuff to JSON.
  5. Created Javascript code to get a random value
  6. Created an MVP without styling
  7. Redid the JS Code to use the Youtube API
  8. Styled the app
  9. Done!

Challenges I ran into

It was very hard to get the data, I had to hack the data together!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of my problem solving to get all the data I needed

What I learned

All about JSON

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