As they say - A picture is worth a thousand words. When working with documents, most of the time you might want to add pictures to represent a placeholder. Usually, adding a picture just for a placeholder means many additional steps, and many times you have to make do with the same repeated image of standard quality. Bringing, Random Splash to the rescue!

What it does

Random Splash is an app built using Forge for Atlassian Confluence that allows you to add random images from Unsplash in your document. Use it for inspiration or use it as a placeholder - the choice is yours!

How I built it

The main technology utilized for this app is the Forge platform - provided by Atlassian. The programming language utilized is JavaScript. The Unsplash API has been utilized to fetch the random images with the relevant token and the query parameter.

Challenges I ran into

Forge was a new platform to work on - but I am happy to say that the tutorials provided by Atlassian helped a lot to solve most of the challenges faced during the development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the first time I have built an app using Forge and I feel I got the hang of it quite quickly! I am also happy that I was able to move ahead despite the technical roadblocks that came in between.

What I learned

I learned the Forge platform for Atlassian’s cloud products and explored the Unsplash API.

What's next for Random Splash

A welcome addition to the app will be the ability to pass the search query while calling the macro. Since Forge is still in beta, this feature does not seem to be currently supported, but once it is, I will surely love to add that!

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