I was inspired by a question on the Atlassian Community ( It currently has 300+ views. Also it was interesting to get my feet wet with Forge Beta to learn this new platform and to get new skills.

What it does

The app provides a Confluence macro which inserts to a page one single random text / quote from a list. It's super easy to use: just type the list of lines and the macro will randomly show one of them.

How I built it

I requested Beta access to Forge. As Iā€™m back end developer I'm not familiar with Node.js and React so I built a hello world app using tutorials. Then I modified the app to meet my idea.

Challenges I ran into

II wanted to create a macro with RICH-TEXT body type as it is possible with Connect. It'd allow you to use UI components such as quotes, images, and GIPHYs. But Forge currently only supports body-less macro. As a workaround I use TextArea in the macro configuration. This is why the macro works only with plain text lines.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My creation resolves practical issues that people actually need to deal with.

What I learned

Through my work, I got a basic understanding of Forge.

What's next for Random quote

I'll wait for Forge to be extended to have a macro with a rich text body and update the macro to support all possible UI components.

Built With

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