-When it comes to spotlight we need to focus about one important thing which’s how to make the user and the creator more engaged , I noticed with spotlight the more engaging content goes viral and this is what the creators want mostly ... so be making random question and you have to answer it to your followers .. as Challenge i found it it’s a good idea and I hope you like it .

What it does

-Having Random question bind to creator head trigger of mouth open to stop / tap screen to start over .. and he/she has to answer it .

How we built it

  • By using lens studio + JS + create questions images .

Challenges we ran into

-the ram limitations of lens . -Spotlight terms and condition limitations , we have to make something simple for making it acceptable to spotlight and not going to make the Snaps NOT-Selected .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-I’m proud to be with SnapAR global Community .

What we learned

we need to focus of the nature or reason that makes us creating the lens , I mean the purpose of the lens or it’s made to do what .

What's next for Random Question Arabic

-There’s always something new .. with Lens Studio the possibilities are endless .

Built With

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