As this is my first hackathon, I was not sure how to approach my project until I watched the workshops. One was of a meme generator, so I decided to make it my own.

What it does

The user enters a top and bottom text, and presses the "Create Meme" button. An image is randomly selected from a collection I have gathered, with the top and bottom text placed on top of it. As a bonus, the background randomly changes colors upon meme generation.

How I built it

I used HTML and CSS for the page's appearance, and used JavaScript for the random generation and text input.

Challenges I ran into

Being new to web development, I had to navigate making a random choice in a new coding language. With some trial and error, I eventually succeeded with a random image selection.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to build upon an existing project and make it my own.

What I learned

I became more familiar with how HTML, CSS, and JS all worked. HTML was fairly intuitive, as was CSS. JavaScript was not too far off from my previous programming languages, and it was great to see how it was the "brain" of the project.

What's next for Random Meme Generator

I would definitely love to create more sophisticated web pages with this project under my belt!

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