I use Trello a lot - for both Personal & Business use-cases. I also love to read inspirational quotes to keep me going through that huge list that I need to work through. I thought - why not combine both?

What it does

Once enabled, the Trello Power-Up displays you random inspirational quotes whenever you open any card. Be inspired and work that list!

How I built it

I built the server by using Python Flask but Node.js will also easily do. I obtained the endpoint through NGROK because that seemed great for development. Used the tutorials provided by Atlassian to build on the Trello platform and consume its APIs for various purposes.

Challenges I ran into

The tutorials that were provided were in Node.js only and I am more acquainted with Python so I had to do a code transformation and to my happiness - it all worked smoothly in the end!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the first time I made a Power-Up for Trello and since now it's done - I am very excited to keep building!

What I learned

I learned a lot about the entire ecosystem of Trello and how Power-Ups work and how to harness its capabilities to build something awesome.

What's next for Random Inspiration

The main goal of this project was to open up opportunities for others to use this project as a starting point for building their own Trello Power-Ups using the Flask framework. This can be considered as a template and can be easily modified for many use-cases.

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