I had no idea what to make for this hackathon, so I automated my job.

What it does

Randomly generates hacks from buzzwords.

How I built it

8 lines of code

Challenges I ran into

Most of my customers will hate that this is in MATLAB. Also this was going to be a website but put my account under review when I tried to register my domain. Same thing happened with AWS Educate. Also, my Echo doesn't connect to my Wifi Hotspot, so I have lost faith in Jeff Bezos.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I actually made a hack this weekend

What I learned

Hackathons can be automated

What's next for Random Hack Generator

Increase my buzzword list. Maybe decrease program size and increase efficiency

The Code:

list = ["Google", "Amazon", "Cryptocurrency", "IoT", "Wearable technology", "Virtual Reality", "Blockchain", "Data Visualization", "Machine Learning", "Social Media", "Uber", "Tinder", "Facebook", "Snapchat", "Instagram", "AirBnB", "Wegmans", "Cloud Computing", "Virtual Machines", "Data Mining", "Artificial Intelligence", "Quantum Computing", "Deep Learning", "Neural Networks", "Chatbots", "Uber"]; %my list of buzzwords

randomNumber = randi(size(list),1); %random number

str1 = list(randomNumber); %create first entry

list(randomNumber) = []; %delete entry from list

randomNumber = randi(size(list),1); %random number

str2 = list(randomNumber); %create second entry

disp(str1 + " but for " + str2) %display message

%if you don't understand this code kek

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