Inspiration: inspired by always getting stumped about what bubble tea flavor to choose, so we created a random bubble tea generator to decide for you

What it does: generates a random combination of flavors based on your mood or the weather available. The big picture of our project is to provide a bbt order for when you’re stuck on what to order. It also specifies a drink that might help your current mood or that is suited for the weather.

How I built it: using react / js/ ts

Challenges I ran into: didn't know how to use react as it was a fairly new language to use, we struggled with using the API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: managed to get the project working and to generate an outcome as it was my group's first hackathon

What I learned: learned more about how to use react and javascript together, generally understood more about the frontend part of programming.

What's next for Random Bubble Tea Generator : hopefully expand it to incorporate a weather API and lactose intolerance option.

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