Punctuality is a thing of the past, so I'm often found waiting around for people glancing at my phone, maybe pretending to text someone. Well, now two victims of tardy dates have eachother. Or you can just text random people for fun, I'm not the boss of you.

How it works

Text Rando for a basic introduction to the service. JOIN starts a random chat (or adds you to the queue), LEAVE disconnects both parties from the session. Nothing, including your number, is ever shared during the chat, but there's nothing stopping you from sharing information during the chat. Completely anonymous. You could be texting your own mother and not know it, so don't be gross. Related: MMS supported. Standard messaging fees apply, but Rando is otherwise free to use.

Coming soon

Opt-in for MMS, or receive the message as a link rather than a direct file/image to keep things as decorous as possible.

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