myShop is an android application that revolutionizes the way you shop at supermarkets, malls, departmental stores or any other stores. This app will allow the customer to add any item to their inventory by simply scanning the Barcodes or QR codes of the item and when the customer is ready to checkout , all he/she needs to do is just press the checkout button and total amount will be paid electronically. This app will be linked to the customers debit or credit card and on other side with shopkeeper payment account details, thus providing a seamless integration. This way a customer won’t have to line up in a queue ever again.Just scan, pay with the press of button and go. Features of app are as follows: 1) Ease of Access in Shopping simply with the press of button instead of standing in queue. 2) Universal Acceptance of Bar Code: Help any shopkeeper to allow this kind of shopping through app. 3) User can avail and know about multiple offers by various brands (through mobile ads). 4) Targeted Advertising: User will be shown ads regarding the current item in context thus improving user experience & brand value. 5) Paper free hassle: E-Receipt of bill will be generated electronically 6) Tracking of shopping: a customer can track his past shopping activities across various categories & stores. So this way you can know your shopping pattern

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