Hello, this is Dhruv along with my teammate Raghav, And we made a 3D game on Unity called “Ranchero fights the Virus” for our project. Our Inspiration was the ongoing situation all around the world, and we wanted our game to give some positive feel to our players that they can fight the virus.

What it does

Our character Ranchero lives in his farm, and recently his farm is getting attacked by some viruses which have turned his cactus plants into a moving and dangerous plant, and he looked in news it’s everywhere in the world, so now he grabs a sanitizer and starts fighting the virus in cactus plants, and of course, it’s humanity that always wins, so we increased the strength of our character to fight against the virus. Even if that’s not enough we have provided different options to make our character even stronger.

How We built it

We built it using Unity Beginner Code Kit, and made the changes in that to give it a look according to our theme and customized it a little bit with our inspiration.

Challenges We ran into

Our main challenge was to make changes in some props and in the properties of our player.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

We are proud that we did what we wanted and we successfully completed our project. We are proud that we were able to explore the kit on our own and used unity for the very first time and yes, we were able to make changes too

What We learned

We learned more uses of Unity and how to make changes in values of different sprites and replacing the props in the environment,

What's next for Ranchero Kills the Virus

After completing our project we liked it so much, we thought we could make more changes but unfortunately, we didn't have much time so we decided to make more changes later on just for our knowledge. And moreover, it was fun for us and it was our very first HACKATHON so we enjoyed it.

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