An educational microprocessor-based toy which teaches Morse Code to anyone willing to take it for a tap. The toy is prototyped on a breadboard with a Atmel Atmega328p along with various devices such as a LCD and speaker. Currently the toy features two modes of play, a practice mode for learned the basics of Morse Code and a "Morse Hero" game which is a fast-paced game aimed to test the player. During these modes the LCD is used to display the game elements while a cube-led provides quick colorful feedback and a speaker helps simulate what a real user of Morse Code would hear. The reason why this hack was made using hardware rather than some software solution such as a smartphone is because Morse Code is one of the "simplest and most versatile methods of telecommunication" (Wikipedia) which makes it extremely useful during emergencies. Hardware lets the user more closely simulate what someone might use when more advanced communication methods are too congested or simply unavailable. I Ran Into A Telegraph is the first hardware project of the group Ran Into A Tree Technologies.

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