HackerBuddy-Ram Hacks 2016

The HackerBuddy is the avid hackathon-er's best friend. They can be sure they are up to date with the latest news no matter what hackathon they are at because HackerBuddy scraps the mlh.io site live, all 50+ of them from every country! HackerBuddy can then explain to them what events are happening, at what time, and even prompts the user to save events straight to their calendar. It can even tell the hacker what quantity of which hardware is still left up for grabs at a moment’s notice! Most importantly the hacker doesn't have to waste time setting up the HackerBuddy because it is all contained in a single Docker container, ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice! And while they’re at it, why not hack HackerBuddy themselves? With HackerBuddy's continuous integration through advanced Jenkin's pipelines and git, they know that whenever they push a change to their fork it will be tested against nothing short of the best test cases in the world!

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