After going to a talk on how devices are changing the way that college athletics are tending to their athletes, we came up with the idea to centralize this data in order to easily perform data mining.

What it does

The backbone of this project is the MySQL database that centralizes the data. The accompanying android app allows for an insight into the uses for this database. Coaches can find out if players are giving it their all in practice or if a player is at a high risk of injury. Trainers can track the players that they are helping and look for trends in their performance to predict whether they are at risk of injury. Players can see how they are improving over time and compare themselves to team averages. Researchers can use the data that is common among teams to find insight into how sports differ from each other.

How I built it

MySQL and a lot of data creation and translation. Android was used for the frontend with a graphing library.

Challenges I ran into


This list would take me another hackathon to write. Networking, data entry, data types, key constraints, gradle, java versions, etc.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I finally have used fragments in an Android app. MySQL setup and connecting to Android - this is waaaay more complex than it needs to be.

What I learned

Android: fragments are nifty, usb tethering is a thing, gradle is a pain Database: its better to make a service for MySQL that directly using it with android, regex is great for transforming data

What's next for Ramblin Wreck Sports Net

Hopefully this can be used as a preliminary example for a cost effective solution to a centralized data storage and analysis framework for college athletics.

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