As the economy needs to re-open, authorities require "COVID-19 free" medical to allow people to travel or to work. On the other hand, the media has been littered with news about fake COVID-19 medical certificates sold illegally.

What it does

The antibody test result can be stored in blockchain such as EOS. For example, the COVID-19 PCR test result is recorded in an immutable ledger. Therefore this source of truth reduces the risk of forgery. The wider impact would be stopping the spread of a pandemic.

How I built it

The initial prototype is build on

Challenges I ran into

Getting traction and market validation

What I learned

Using uint64_t data type to store Linux Epoch Time.

What's next for RAMANEOS

Expand to other virus testing such as Raman Spectroscopy detecting herpes virus.

Built With

  • eos
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