Easy to use tools to manage and use NIST data.

What it does

Our submission is an App that comes pre-installed on every mobile phone device - the SMS text message app. You can search the following data by texting: 720-466-7598

This product uses data provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) but is not endorsed or certified by NIST


  • "?" - receive help
  • "c planck" - search constants
  • "e boron" - list energy levels
  • "iso helium" - search isotopes
  • "tc carbon" - thermo-chemical tables

Our submission isn't just a text message App - rather it is a full data stack that provides both the SMS access as well as data management capabilities available at the Geode Systems NIST Challenge Site.

How I built it

Some coding and scripting was required to convert the NIST JSON data into RAMADDA's import format but otherwise the work was primarily a data model definition (some simple xml) in a NIST RAMADDA plugin.

Challenges I ran into

Normal ETL challenges. Hard to keep this at 250 words.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

An SMS UI can be pretty useful.

What I learned

Lots of data out there and lots of ways to use it.

What's next for RAMADDA NIST Reference Data

Figure out where to take this.

Built With

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