The Atlassian products - HipChat, JIRA and Confluence - provide well defined APIs to access data and content. The RAMADDA data management platform provides rich discovery, visualization and integration capabilities using these APIs.

What it does

A new Atlassian plugin has been developed for the RAMADDA data management framework that provides a number of services -

  • From within HipChat users can search and visualize data and content from over 150 data providers including JIRA and Confluence servers. Try out our example HipChat room. Enter "/r ?" or "/ramadda ?" to show help.

  • From a HipChat room navigate around a RAMADDA content space - access and visualize spreadsheets, images, files and databases.

  • Confluence and JIRA servers are now supported in RAMADDA's federated search framework. Example here. You can even search by text message.

  • Dynamically import HipChat content - Rooms and Messages - into RAMADDA and enable alternative displays and APIs. Example here.

  • Post RAMADDA content and data updates to HipChat. Documentation here.

How I built it

I developed an Atlassian plugin for RAMADDA that extends core RAMADDA framework capabilities to provide search, integration and data import services. This plugin uses the Atlassian HipChat /slash command and publishing APIs and the JIRA and Confluence search APIs.

Challenges I ran into

The APIs provided by Atlassian were all very well documented and easy to use so no real challenge there.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to readily access a world of data and content and being able to visualize that in HipChat is pretty cool.

What I learned

The 20-teens are or should be the decade of the API. APIs are critical for building open and integrated systems.

What's next for RAMADDA Codegeist

Further work integrating more of the Atlassian product suite APIs and content into RAMADDA.

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