INSPIRATION The problem is what’up after being able to recover from Sars-CoV-2? What can we do to detect secondary complications predictively?

RAMACCIA represents the part of the dry branches to be uprooted, burnt, sanitizing the soil that is the source of life. Is a thought and a series of innovative and disruptive actions to help the immediate fight against the pandemic and develop positive actions post Every pandemia has always many implications in terms of new diseases and illness. In the actual knowledge, there is no validation information on current and future risks of exposure to Sars-CoV-2, either as "asymptomatic carriers" or as infected by a mild, medium and/or severe form. Some conditions and symptoms, mostly respiratory, are well known, but the first evidence on autopsies show collateral problems triggered by Sars-CoV-2.

WHAT IT DOES The project involves the development of a digital platform designed for multi levels. It has an informative and formative function, on the onset of potential cardiovascular problems whose evidence has been recently described in Italian and French revue, and which can identify a series of multi-organ alterations, events related to the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic.

The Hack team consists of 9 specialists and is open to other possible collaborations. There is a biz advisor, data scientist, medical specialists in infectious diseases and cardiology, entrepreneur, specialist in social web marketing, art director, full stack developer, design thinking expert. The group has already collaborated on other projects with innovative technological value. We all have a facilitator thinker

HOW WE BUILT IT The Digital Platform is developed for Android, IOS, Microsoft systems. The data produced will be Open Data. Bluetooth interactive.

The platform is:

  • dedicated to an interactive tour inside the human body, which will guide the user to understand the possible micro and macrostructural physical alterations of the human body after Sars-CoV-2 infection. It can be updated in the evolution of scientific knowledge. -It contains indications and best practices for a diagnostic approach to discriminate non-specific symptoms from those typical of Sars-CoV-2 and its side effects. -Uses a graphic and tone of voice smart, non-anxiogenic approach for the knowledge of the evolution of the pandemic. -By playing, you train yourself in prevention and contribute to the generation of a reliable statistical sample on pandemic prevalence and control
  • The Services section provides: -a database containing notifications on new scientific evidence related to diseases related to the evolution of the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic, through registration and data sharing by medical institutions and accredited press. -a series of institutional links, to download manuals, advice, and updated reports on pandemic numbers, institutional addresses, pandemic emergency numbers, therapies, dosages and new treatments, etc..

-authorization to upload the typology of diagnostics/analysis, that the user of the game will declare to perform as a prevention activity (analysis results are not declared) -geolocalized list of medical/healthcare facilities accredited and agreed upon through the previous registration by the Laboratories validation of the diagnostics/analyses actually carried out by the users, validated by the accredited and agreed medical/health facilities (by unique code) -data analysis of the symptomatologies and diagnostic typology performed, differentiated by sex, age. -This information will be usable by healthcare/pharmaceutical institutions, through a data sharing action.

CHALLENGES WE RAN INTO The lateral approach of this informative and formative idea is aimed at all human beings. In digital mode, the project will be usable by anyone and everywhere. This -almost serious game-, can be launched on display also in medical waiting areas, on digital desks located in cities, to reach poor people not equipped with devices and digital connection. Using the devices, the project arrives in any place and for most people, a single "click" activates the prevention of collateral diseases Sars-CoV-2. The digital platform provides an immediate localization of symptoms. It combines the disorders with a series of analyses recommended as best practices for prevention. Facilitates the connection of people to authorized laboratories and pharmacies. It creates a monitored community , to acquire useful information on medical statistics and the spread of Sars-CoV-2 and its side effects.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS THAT WE’RE PROUD OF The Hackaton team includes specialists already involved in a project to build a configuration platform for serious games. For 9 months we have been working on a project to build a platform model that allows anyone to access a database of 3D objects, scenarios and actions, from which to choose stories and dynamics of serious games customized. Our activity is focused on safety for accident prevention. In these days we have combined our skills with a medical specialist in virology, convinced that our project named "P4S" can quickly adapt to the needs of information, training and data analysis useful to save lives from the side effects of Sars-CoV-2. We have created an organization chart, an idea development timeline and a cost and management analysis. We analyzed info on the prevention and training market, analyzing info also resulting from WUP interconnections of Italian doctors involved in the fight against the pandemic and interested in autopsy data. The best ways to communicate and learn about post-Sars-CoV-2 problems were analyzed, through an internal scientific medical board, chaired by Dr. Giovanni Staffilano, specialist in virology and pandemic events. We simulated a back analysis of the project and its fallout, obtaining significantly positive data. The project is expected to be shared with all those who want to have a positive attitude towards health and health prevention, for this reason we registered at Hackaton. . We analyzed the effects of the project in terms of privacy permissions and digital registration permissions, according to the international dissemination of the project. The IT structure is equipped with an open database. All nations will be able to acquire-share data from the database, to be able to combine it with their own internal information; in this way the "RAMACCIA" platform integrates a fundamental level of knowledge and prevention, to eradicate disease from the world community.

WHAT WE LEARNED We have enjoyed with the constructive and positive attitude of the team, even in an extremely serious historical moment, although we have been informed of the serious collateral complications that Sars-CoV-2 creates in the human body. We are establishing social relations in order to develop the project, analyzing co-funding of pharmaceutical companies and/or foundations and/or non-profit associations

WHAT’S NEXT RAMACCIA PROJECT 1-Marketing-social platform for the social project launch 2-Aid for communication by major digital information press 3-connection with the associations responsible for information, tourist, medical, transport and information points in the international arena 4-Project sharing with scientific associations, health and pharmaceutical institutions 5-Legal advice for the authorization part regarding the registration of the people and privacy policy 6-Collaboration with an expert in sociology and communication 7-Collaboration with an AI expert 8-Collaboration with e-learning expert 9-Financing of xxxxxxxx for the implementation of the project 10-Non-profit association for the long-term and sustainable management and maintenance of the project

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