I have a background teaching tennis, so I wanted to build a digital feedback layer that enhances the physical experience.

Students would have the freedom to set a profile, including the look of an avatar and goals. Instructors would provide daily feedback and assessment, which would correspond to increased abilities and level-ups.

A simple check-in / check-out system for class attendance would provide simple data to instructors and students to assess progress over time.

Distilled down, I think it would be powerful to combine some of the avatar customization and skill building of a typical adventure rpg like Skyrim or Breath of the Wild with the goal-directed learning of a language app like Busuu.

Unfortunately, I spent too much time learning to configure a set of full-stack tools (Laravel, Vue.JS, etc) and I wasn't able to finish a working demo. This was my first hackathon, and though I didn't want to work alone or lead my project, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I learned a lot. I'm sorry I don't have a functional web app to show for my efforts. I'm excited to continue working on the app after the hackathon

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