We had a group inspired by racing cars and a group interested in using a DAO for self-organizing funds. To meet as many goals of people with diverse abilities, learning about each other and allowing each to contribute, we decided to have a virtual car race to win an NFT which allows membership to a DAO.

What it does

Rallyline to GroupBuy.DAO is a virtual car race (maybe in the Metaverse) to win an NFT which allows membership to a DAO. The NFT is the prize that keeps on giving, and unlike one-time trophies and certificates which can be bought and copied, NFTs can't be faked. Once a member of the GroupBuy.DAO they can vote on what to do with collective funds. Give it to a charity, host an exclusive event for NFT owners, share software, home, vacation, change the world, the possibilities are endless.

How we built it

The DAO is React JavaScript front end and solidity backend by thirdweb and using Metamask testnets "Rinkeby" originally, now "Goerli" which is run by the Ethereum foundation.

Challenges we ran into

-Letting everyone contribute -"Rinkeby" and many test nets stopped working. -Moving code and wallets between multiple computers -Too many options from the metaverse to crypto and web2 to web3 -Each person knows a different platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

No hackers were harmed in the making of this project that we know of. Everyone got along and got to do what they wanted.

What we learned

There is still a lot we need to learn and sleep is optional.

What's next for Rallyline to GroupBuy.DAO

Flying cars in the metaverse and more impactful pre-qualifiers for membership to the GroupBuy.DAO.

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