Seeing everyone who didn't have a team at the beginning of Bitcamp made us realize that there is a need for an app that connects people with groups. People need groups in companies to develop projects, people need groups to travel to different countries, people need groups to go to a different city (for break for example). ** Need a team? Rally up! **

What it does

Connects groups of people together

How we built it

Since each member was responsible for a different aspect of the project, each of us built it different. I built my end using Xcode and swift, while the web part was developed using javascript, css, html and the mongoDB backend

Challenges we ran into

Authenticating users, integrating backend infrastructure, GUI issues on mobile

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Each team member tackled a problem they haven't encountered before and tried to solve it (ie

What we learned

I learnt some swift and more about GUI's in iOS

What's next for Rally (iOS app)

Make it a fully functional, cross platform app with a user friendly GUI, used by everyone

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