Current events and the struggle for individuals to rally behind important causes in large numbers. Spreading influence through social media is not as powerful as it once was- there are far too many distractions and diversions that keep people from uniting to stand for causes. It seems like large groups get angry and then sputter out without much action ever taken, Rally hopes to help that.

What it does

Allow users to create and find events in their area to stand for what they believe to be right.

How we built it

Rally is built in react-native to deploy to both Android and iOS- to help reach a wider audience without as much of an investment in development time. We also built Rally on top of the Amazon Web Services platform in order to provide as much stability in operations as possible and to allow for an easily scalable service should our idea take off.

Challenges we ran into

  • Small bugs that we introduced into our development environment that took several precious hours to fix
  • Lack of sleep (duh)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • An application and platform that could empower any individual to rally for a cause they believe in
  • RESTful endpoints for our application built in ruby-on-rails
  • Mostly functional user-interface and data models
  • Generally proper techniques in industry standards for design and code maintenance

What we learned

  • Many new techniques regarding react-native and environment structure for developing mobile apps in a team setting
  • Several AWS-centered skills such as managing security groups, some small amounts of RDS and lambda knowledge though ultimately we ended up using an ec2 instance to host our own database instance for now as well as RESTful endpoints

What's next for Rally

  • Automated flier creation with QR codes to help spread the work about both events people care about and Rally itself to provide a positive feedback loop motivating individuals to rally behind more causes moving forward
  • Fleshed out data management in the backend
  • Moving as much of our business logic as possible to a cloud based platform using lambda functions
  • Polished UI
  • Spreading the word!!!! (Rally for Rally)
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