Have you ever wondered where your kids where on a family trip? Lost your team-mates while playing airsoft? Want an easy way to keep track of all the kids in your care on a field trip? Then Rally is good for you. I decided to build rally as an answer to a real world problem, keeping track of others in all different environments.

What it does

Rally is built to help leaders keep track of others in their group. It can be used for School-trips, family outings, and even activities such as airsoft or paintball. Rally uses a devices GPS to find their Coordinates, and shows a real-time display of their position on google maps.

How I built it

Rally is an android app, programmed in java. It connects to a node.js server through a web-socket connection, allowing for real-time communication between the client and the server. Client information is saved in a mongoDB database on the server, and is accessed through a node.js server.

Challenges I ran into

This was my first time working with android, so it was challenging. One of the largest problems I had was getting a reliable GPScoordinate for different devices.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

How the app turned out. It was admittedly much harder then I originally thought, and I am pleased that I came as far as I did. All the app needs is some small security tweaks, a little more implementation, and it is ready for the Play Store.

What I learned

Android, Android, Android. When you stay up for 24 hours, and do only one thing, it is the one thing you will not forget.

What's next for Rally

Onward to the Play Store! I am hoping to finish it up, and publish it so my work hear doesn't go to waste. I might also add risk areas onto the map, which alerts leaders if someone in their group enters one.

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Jacob Gray posted an update

Rally development is continuing(Yay). Since HackTJ was my first time working with android, the android part of the app wasn't pretty. The entire app is being re-developed, and a google wear app is also in the works. It has some pretty neat new features!(For a future update)

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