The small simple games in Facebook messenger. They're easy, fun, and addictive, so why not expand on that idea and make this for more sports?

What it does

You angle your wrist to control the angle of the racket. The birdie will hit the racket, and the angle of the racket determines the trajectory of the birdie.

How I built it

I used actionScript and Adobe Flash CC to make the game. I used a few different equations for the trajectory, which were incredibly challenging. As the angle of the racket deviates from the angle that I want, the vertex of the parabola changes and causes the birdie to either go closer or go farther

Challenges I ran into

Trajectories. I don't know the math behind them, and I still don't!! Additionally, I encountered a few unknown errors and bugs that prohibited me from improving the functionality of the game and accuracy of the trajectories.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of the math and logic that was used for this game, as well as the fact that I used a few new hardware features on the phone for input (e.g. accelerometer). These are very cool to use, and I look forward to using these sensors to gain access to new data in the near future

What I learned

I learned to never underestimate a project. I came to this hackathon thinking about doing a relatively small project so we could just learn more rather than focus on competing. However, this ended up taking hours and hours of time - playing with parabolas, angles, hitPoints, hitBoxes, and so much more took absolutely forever.

What's next for Rally: A Simple, Fun badminton Game

Improvements to the functionality, the aesthetics, and the accuracy. I would like to add support for game centre or other social media outlets to make it easy to share high scores and compete with friends. I would also like to fix the trajectories somehow, as some angles are highly inaccurate

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