We built saving graffiti service using IPFS and NFT on the Polygon blockchain.

Inspiration is coming from 5pointz deconstruction and graffiti overwriting culture. We want to preserve graffiti using IPFS verifiability and NFT timestamp and provenance.

What it does

The user is able to view a map, take graffiti photos, make a 3d model of graffiti, mint NFT with IPFS, and minted data is viewable in the map viewer and Opensea. The User can use the data in the gallery or metaverse too, not only preserving.

How we built it

We use polygon to create NFT, we use Three.js to make 3d data, we use NFTStorage to use IPFS, backend is deployed in AWS.


Challenges we ran into

  • We wanted to build cool UI/UX!
  • First time for 3d modeling so it took a certain amount of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We built cool UI/UX and successfully implemented the main flow, and completed the demo.
  • Greate concept and this idea can be used for many use case

What we learned

  • Learned AWS development

What's next for Rakugaki

  • Make this service more better
  • Using content verification
  • Have fee model for sustainable development (I think we can implement gas-less minting and take some for it)

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