Nepal doesn't have a particularly robust healthcare system, and with a pandemic going on on top of everything else, its evident that the hospitals just haven't been able to keep up. One particular issue we have been thinking about a lot for quite a while now is an acute shortage of blood that has cropped up all over Nepal. There is no central registry of people willing to donate blood and people needing blood. People often resort to posting on Facebook and Twitter, asking for blood.

What it does

Raktadaan is a simple web app that allows you to do two things: ask for the type of blood you need, or register to donate your own. It then shows the nearest people with the particular type of blood you need.

How we are building it

We are building Raktadaan using Django with Django Rest Framework in the backend. On the frontend, Raktadaan is a single page application build using React.

Challenges we ran into

We had some challenges with making sure we communicate well while working on a very limited timeframe. But we grew used to it soon and it was all a lot of fun before long!

Also, the three of us are collaborating from three different parts of Kathmandu, so we totally depend on the internet and electricity working alright. Each of us had at least one powercut, and for one of us, it actually happened when git was busy writing on disk, resulting in a corrupted repo. Starting over from a clone and then reinstalling a gazillion node and python packages made us realize how bulky and slow some of the tools we use are.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of what we have done in the very short amount of time given to us. All of us had some experience working on our own, but not much working with others, so we are very happy about getting to experience some of that. Aayush, who mostly works on the frontend solo, has been managing the project as a whole, and he is proud about being able to do all that.

What we learned

We learned managing time, stress and fun to make the most out of events like a hackathon.

What's next for Raktadaan

We will work on making the app feel and look good. We will also try to integrate a map into our app because that would be a great way to visualize the data we are trying to present.

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