Safety is a fundamental human right and shouldn't be considered a luxury for women. It is the foundation in achieving gender equality. It will create a safer environment that can encourage women to step out of their homes without any worry which will also increase their productivity and give them the confidence to explore opportunities in various fields.So we came with a solution RAKSHAK, if you ever feel unsafe you can contact your near one, or the police with live GPS tracking facility.

What it does

we are building a website to have a solution which will help to curb sexual assault pandemic. Firstly the user will login themselves then the contact information of their five guardians would be asked. Now if the user is feeling unsafe or just wants to check in, a live location can be activated and can be shared with guardians. It is able to discreetly trigger an emergency alert with a double-press, instantly transmitting location information to selected contacts. If you do send an alert, it lets your guardians navigate to your location. This feature is useful to help people reach you quickly. In this way it will be able to keep users safe through these SOS features. One of its applications enables users to enter their start point and destination, in case they feel the route is unsafe. The location of the device can be tracked real time.

How we built it

We built this web application using HTML, JS, CSS and Bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into

As a developer , being struck in a problem is not a big deal especially when u are working in a team where every other mind adds on to another. Therefore finding the solution, modifying it to tap out the potential that as a team we can present. We struck down in linking the pages of our website. Another problem is adding backend part . As we have just devised the idea and not have much knowledge of backend so worked basically on the fronted part of our project. We are still trying to learn how to add backend part to our project.

What we learned

We first saw the tutorial of web development then we actually experimented it. We built this web application and got to learn about this whole web development.

What's next for RAKSHAK

In near future , we can prospect to

CHATBOT- the automated chat will be sent to the professional,1098 facilities. SPEECH RECOGNITION- Feeding an alert word and then using in the time of danger. LINK GOOGLE MAP- the location & direction to reach user will be sent to the guardians. NEARBY ONES- App will notify that which guardian is near me.

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